A letter from the Founder and CEO of Halsa:


I'm Valerie, Founder and CEO of Halsa. Thank you for visiting the Halsa website and coming to this page to learn a little bit about me. Halsa was created to provide everyday products to block people from the harm of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation and here's why.

It all started while doing one of my favorite things, long distance running. Frequently, I would enjoy going for a long run outdoors while holding my Iphone as I listened to podcasts, audiobooks, music, etc through my Bluetooth connected headphones. As I was doing this, I began to realize something seemed really odd about what I was doing. I was running outdoors to improve my health and increase my health-span but it felt like I was doing the opposite of just that as I was holding my Iphone while listening on Bluetooth connected headphones which could be exposing my body to potentially dangerous radiation. 

Shortly after, I purchased an EMF shielding case for my iPhone. But, it just didn't feel like enough. I switched back to wired headphones or earbuds instead of Bluetooth but I still felt I could be doing more to protect the important parts of my body from the electromagnetic frequencies. After researching different ways to shield our bodies from EMF Radiation, I learned about silver fiber fabric, and Halsa was born.

I created Halsa to provide affordable EMF protection products that you can use/wear everyday that can help protect from the EMF Radiation around us - because it's everywhere, not just from our phones. 

Over time, we have expanded our product line at Halsa to create mindful, healthier products that can be used for everyday use. I hope you enjoy our products everyday and feel safer because of them. 

I genuinely thank you for taking the time to hear about why Halsa was started. Halsa translates to Health in Swedish, and our mission is to keep us healthier with the products from Halsa. 

With health and happiness,


-Founder of Halsa